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White Wine

Passimento Bianco, Pasqua, Italy       $45 (Bottle Only)
Aromas of citrus fruits, almonds and peaches. Refreshing and well-balanced.

Chardonnay, Carmenet Winery, California       $8 / 28
Ripe pineapple and tropical fruit flavors mingle in this soft, full-bodied wine.

Chardonnay, Opera Prima, Spain       $7 / 25
Bright lemon notes and crisp apple with hints of succulent stone fruit and toasted oak.

Chardonnay, Gravel Bar, Columbia Valley, Washington       $40 (Bottle Only)
Flowers, apple, some tropical fruit and a few mineral notes, long, lingering flavor.

Chardonnay, Nonno's Private Label       $30  (Bottle Only)
Fruit and vanilla mingle with full flavors of a toasty oak spice.

Pinot Grigio, Salmon Creek Cellars, California       $7 / 25
Peach, anice and melon flavors and a clean, refreshing finish.

Pinot Grigio, Il Donato, Italy       $32 (Bottle Only)
Light body with crisp acidity and wonderful aromas and flavor.

Pinot Grigio, Primosole, *Organic*, Italy       $8 / 30
Aromas of apple and pear with a hint of citrus fruit that fade into a floral bouquet.

Sauvignon Blanc, Santa Carolina Winery, Chile       $8 / 28

Orange blossom and hints of tropical fruits. Well-balanced, crisp, refreshing.

Riesling, Pacific Oasis, Washington       $7 / 27
Green apple, honey, apricot and lemon marry with a semi-sweet finish.

White Zinfandel, Salmon Creek Cellars, California       $7 / 25

Strawberry, honeysuckle and apricot aromas and flavors leaving a hint of sweetness.

White Sangria, De La Costa, Paso Robles        $7.50 / 28 (Bottle Only)
Crisp and refreshing citrus flavors of lemon, lime and grape fruit.

Red Wine

Merlot, Opera Prima, Spain       $7 / 25
Plum notes on the nose followed by dark fruits like blackberry, black currants and black cherry.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Opera Prima, Spian       $7 / 25
Medium bodied, blackberries and cassis, rich and firm finish.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Finca el Origen, Argentina       $35  (Bottle Only)
Black fruit notes improved by good structure and velvety tannins.
Cabernet Sauvignon, Nonno's Private Label      $30  (Bottle Only)

Black cherry, nutmeg, dark chocolate, and vanilla come together for a lasting finish.

Pinot Noir, Salmon Creek Cellars, California       $7 / 25
Rich and elegant with ripe, concentrated raspberry, black cherry, toast and vanilla flavors.

Pinot Noir, Monterey Canyon, Monterey    $38 (Bottle Only)
Fresh berries and oak characters and ending with a smooth finish.

Chianti, Terramia Winery D.O.C.G, Italy       $25 (Bottle Only)
 Black cherry fruit aroma and flavor. Full-bodied with smooth tannins and long finish.
Barbera, Riva Leone, Piedmont, Italy       $32  (Bottle Only)

Fresh, with mature plum scents. Full bodied and long lasting on the palate.

Passimento, Pasqua, Italy       $48  (Bottle Only)
A balanced palate with velvety tannins, and a soft, round finish.

Malbec, Medrano Estate Vineyards, Argentina       $35 (Bottle Only)
A ripe, rounded Malbec with the ideal balance of fruit, oak and structure.

Sangiovese, Cantina Tollo Abruzzo, Italy       $32 (Bottle Only)
Medium bodied with cherries and floral nuances of violets with a slightly nutty character.

Sangiovese, Masseria Del Fauno, Sicily       $27 (Bottle Only)
Very approachable, fragrant, fruity and velvety.

Nero D'Avola, Masseria Del Fauno, Sicily      $8 / 28
Medium-bodied with considerable character and a finish that is long and persistent.

Zinfandel, Haraszthy, Lodi, California     $45 (Bottle Only)
Full-bodied with intense cherry, raspberry and blackberry flavors. 

Red Sangria, De La Costa, Paso Robles     $7.50 / 30
Full bodied with intense cherry, raspberry and blackberry flavors.

Sparkling Wine

Bivio Prosecco, Italy (187ml)       $8

Veuve du Vernay Brut, France      Split $8

Veuve du Vernay Brut Rose' Wine, France     $26 (bottle only)

Allure Pink Moscato     Split $8

Clos de Nouys     $45 (Bottle Only)

Marquis de Bel Aires     $80 (Bottle Only)

Beer Selection

Miller Light / Coors Light
Corona / Dos XX / Heineken
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale / Thirsty Miner Open Pit IPA / Blue Moon
Birra Moretti / Peroni


My Own Handpicked Cocktails!
All cocktails are made from Han Distilled Spirits*

Nonno's Fire          $7.50
Vodka, Peach Puree, Fresh Basil.

Blood Orange Sour          $7
Vodka, Blood Orange Puree Sour, Orange Slice.

Chi - Chi       $7
Vodka, Finest Call Pina Colada, Orange, Pineapple, Cherry.

Cosmo       $6.50
Vodka, Special Cosmo Sour Mix, Cherry.

Sour Apple Martini       $6.50
Vodka, Premium Sour Apple Mix, Granny Smith Apple, Cherry.

Special Flavor Du' Jour  
(Ask Your Server For Our Drink Flavor of The Day).

* Han Spirits is a 48 Proof Distilled Spirit. Not overwhelming, but satisfying with a smooth finish.

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